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Messenger Plus! Live_pt

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Messenger Plus! Live, personalize all your Messenger.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.84, download 4.85.386

Download Messenger Plus! Live_pt 4.85.386

Instant Messaging
4.49 MB
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Custom Sounds, tabs to group discussions, personal status, contacts on the desktop, more than one instance of the program simultaneously (polygyny) and hidden key combination for Windows Live, icons, ... are some of the many improvements offered by Messenger Plus! Live.

Updates in the latest version (4.85.386)
- Translations have been updated
- Bug fixed in the promotions system
- Toolbar now included in download in place of the old sponsor system. Its installation is entirely options.

Messenger Plus! is freeware. It is 100% free and you can choose to install the sponsor toolbar. Why doubt it? Join millions of happy users now!
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